The Hourai NEET
((New RP blog and eventual end of ask blog))

((It was bound to happen eventually, but I fear that I may not have quite as much time as I’d like to in order to continue my ask blog exclusively with pictures.  However, I want to hold my obligation to the people who have already previously sent me asks, so I’ll say that everyone who has already submitted an ask, and anyone who submits an ask before this Sunday (November 3rd) will have their question answered in drawing, as always, when I manage to get to it (it may be a while ^^;).  I’m still leaving the ask box open, so any questions from that point on will be answered once I finish all the current asks, at which point I will turn this blog into an RP account (most likely the new URL will simply be “”). 

However, in my new RP blog, I may still answer some questions with my drawings/comics, as I do now, whenever the mood strikes me.  I just won’t do it every time, like I’m trying to do now.

In the meantime, I’m getting my feet wet in the RP business and have set up another RP blog for Yukari.  Hit me up if you’d like ^^;  But you’ll have to bear with me as I get comfortable, since this is my first time RPing.

Thank you all for following me and sticking around.  I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately, but I still intend to deliver content (when I get around to doing it…eheheh….)))

*casually checks Followers count*





I….AM SPEECHLESS.  So let’s take a look back here and see who Follower #150 was….

futatsuiwa-from-gensoukyo, come on dowwwnnnn!!!

Now for my 150th follower special, I got something…well, special in mind.  As some of my followers may or may not know, I make Danmakufu scripts as a hobby.  And as gifts for my friends, I make relatively short but goofy/funny/fanservice-y (as in catering to their likes, NOT ECCHI YOU PERVS) scripts.  

So YOU, futatsuiwa-from-gensoukyo—I’m giving you the chance to tell me via ask or submission what you would like to see a script of.  It could be any character you want, though I’d prefer a Touhou character (to make spriting and danmaku ideas easier and all ^^;), and you can also give me some suggestions for what you’d like to see, and I’ll try to accommodate them.  

If you’d rather receive a different gift instead, like a drawing or such, don’t hesitate to let me know.  But I’ll try to make the Danmakufu script worth your time.  And as always, I’ll make the download available to everyone. 

Anyway, thank you all for following me!  I’ll try to get back to drawing asks once I finish reinstalling everything on my laptop (the old hard drive’s toast, so I lost most of my stuff—though I backed up a good portion of it, i.e. my stuff for this blog, so don’t worry)



Now there’s just the matter of re-downloading all the programs and music I used to have, since they couldn’t save my hard drive (but about 70% of my stuff was already backed up on my external drive.  It will take a while, but my computer will be back to its former glory soon enough.  And soon I’ll be able to start working on asks again ;w;

((As the mod of a Kaguya ask blog, it was inevitable that I would eventually get a Kaguya plushie…))

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

((I even got an Eirin plushie for good measure.))

((NOW KISS!!!))

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

((In other words, I’m being bored because the repair of my laptop keeps hitting unexpected delays.  I’m hoping it’ll be good to go by later this week, so thanks again for hanging in there.  And a special thank you to the followers I…gained during this hiatus??? o.O  Thank you nonetheless ^^;))

((Just a little update on my recent inactivity…))

((At first it was laziness, then Danmakufu, and now something terrible’s happened to my computer, and issue after issue keeps popping up to prevent me from getting it fixed.  Hopefully in the next week or two it’ll FINALLY be repaired, but until then you won’t be hearing much from me.  But all this time away from my computer has given me ideas/motivation, so I’m hoping to get to more asks once things return to normal ><.  Thanks for putting up with my infrequent updating))

It’s a good thing fairies are immortal too….right?

Kaguya! Im about to take Mokou's trial thing. Any advice?

((If I recall correctly, I saw something in the RP world regarding this topic, so here—have a quickly doodled response ;P))

W-what?  Now Mokou’s sending people on trials of guts?  I thought that was my thing…

Uhhh, good luck?  As long as this trial doesn’t involve me or anyone at Eientei, it’s fine by me… I guess…

((I’m baaaaaack! :D))

((I will return…eventually))

((Just a little heads up that I have not given up on this blog.  In fact, I have a lot of muse to work off of.  It’s just that schoolwork and life have sorta been jerks lately, so I haven’t had quite as much time as I’d like to set aside to get back to answering asks.  But when I get more free time—i.e. summer vacation, which begins in approximately a month—I plan to return to answering.  And I fully intend to answer ALL of the asks I received at some point.

Thanks for sticking around even though I’ve been so quiet lately.  You guys are awesome ;w;))


I was just looking at the background in the new demo of Hopeless Masquerade, and I noticed a nice little touch.

So pretty much everyone’s festive while watching the fight, right?


Except for Kaguya and Mokou…



They both look rather bored/tired.  Not only is this a rather cute touch, but I can imagine them thinking “Eh, our fights are better”.

Indeed they are. *yawn*